CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

We will continue to raise our corporate value through CSR
Our company has a long history since its founding in Taiwan. We consider that having consideration for the environment as well as passing on our profits and making contributions to the regional community are important aspects for a corporation. We believe that the mission of our company is to perform work assiduously from the perspective that we are doing work to make a contribution to society, through which we fulfill our social responsibility as a company. We will continue to raise our corporate value through new technologies that capture both axes of "society" and "environment", as well as innovations that create business models.

Fundamental Policies Relating to CSR

  1. Preventing environmental pollution before it occurs.
  2. Promoting environmental protection activities.
  3. Nurturing the next generation.
  4. Preserving culture.

Activities for the Environment

We shall fully recognize the importance of environmental issues for corporate activities and conduct our activities with considerations for the protection of the global environment.


Contributions to Society

Activities we are engaged in to conserve the culture of Taiwan and to provide contributions to regional society are introduced.



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