Notes on the protection of personal information

USE (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and personal information of our customers provided to the Company by the customers through an application for service, inquiry on our website, as well as messages received via fax or email will be handled according to this Personal Information Protection Policy.

  1. The Company observes laws and ordinances relating to personal information, as well as other standards to do our utmost in protecting personal information that is important to our customers.

  2. The Company shall handle personal information of our customers appropriately and within the range of the purposes described below.

  3. Information relating to changes in the services being provided or conditions of fees for services provided, as well as notification on the termination or suspension of provided service or cancellation of the contract, along with other details relating to provision of our services.

  4. Forwarding of reports or the like relating to services provided by the Company through various media, such as telephone, email or post.

  5. Improving services we provide or developing new products and services.

  6. Providing after sales services.

  7. Responding to customer inquiries or consultation.

  8. The Company shall strive to protect personal information by establishing internal regulations and an internal control organization for the proper handling of personal information of our customers, providing training to the employees, as well as implementing appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or loss of personal information, destruction, tampering or leak of personal information. Efforts aimed at continuously reviewing these measures will also be conducted to protect personal information.

  9. The Company may release personal information of customers to work consignees or alliance partners in order to achieve the services described above. In such cases, companies with sufficient protection of personal information, who are required to sign confidentiality agreements, will be selected and appropriate measures will be implemented. Furthermore, such information may be provided to public organizations of the Republic of China in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances, if a request for such information is received from the corresponding public organizations.

  10. If a customer does not desire to have his personal information disclosed, the Company asks that such a customer contact the Company and the Company shall respond to such need as quickly and as practically possible. In such cases, however, the customer may be asked to provide the Company with identification to verify the identity. Furthermore, disclosure of information may be refused according to stipulations of laws and ordinances in cases such as those described below.

* Cases where the life, physical well-being, assets and other rights and interests of the customer or a third party may be harmed.
* Cases where proper implementation of the work operations by the Company may face severe obstructions.
* Other cases where laws and ordinances of the Republic of China may be violated.

The Company may revise the Protection of Personal Information Policy for the purpose of protecting the personal information of customers, as well as in order to respond to changes in the laws, ordinances and other rules. In an event a revision is made, it will be announced on our website.

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