Recruiting Information

USE considers human resources to be the most important of all resources, in order for the business to develop in perpetuity. The personnel we seek are not necessarily those who graduated from famous institutions or have attained superior academic grades. We are looking for individuals who have pro-active pioneering spirit complemented by the ability to bring out their potential capabilities and strong will, who are also steadfast and trustworthy.

Notes on Personnel Training

Basic technology training is being offered by each business division of USE. It is not an issue if a personnel lacking knowledge or skill at first. We expect our employees to accumulate experience as they continue with their duties and hope that they improve themselves and we are providing positive assistances to improve their careers.

Recruitment Standards

  • Personnel who can continue to sustain tenacity for properly completing work duties
  • Personnel who have a strong sense of responsibility
  • Personnel who are capable of perceving a diverse range of values

Application Guidelines

We are recruiting Japanese personnel who reside in Taiwan to apply for posts of sales managers and sales personnel (all duties in general).

  • 1. Possession of ability to communicate in English and Chinese (at least Chinese)
  • 2. Possession of experience relating to market developments and sales promotions

Interested persons should clearly communicate to us their motivation for being considered as a candidate and their visa conditions and send us an email with attachment of a resume written in Japanese and Chinese.

* Documents we receive will be screened and only those who have satisfied our requirements will be notified.

We look forward to receiving many applications.


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