Greetings from the Manager

The forthcoming world economic climate is difficult to predict, with a great many anxiety factors and uncertainties. As such, companies are constantly watching to see where everyone’s demands are leading, and what kind of changes will occur, and are seeking accurate analysis.

It has been one year since my father, the founder of USE Electronics, passed away in 2017, and I took his place in the company.

With my father’s leadership, USE Electronics has become a company that cherishes its customers and clients, considering things from their perspective and carrying out duties with dedication. USE Electronics is proud of this attitude towards its customers, and will continue to contribute to society in the same spirit, always grateful for our relationships with everyone.

As a part of modern society, USE Electronics will always turn its attention to new possibilities and development, without fear, and be a company that faces challenges head on. Also, I would like us to be proactive with putting information out into the market concerning new technology and initiatives, and grow and develop with society.

This company will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2020. From here on, USE Electronics will endeavor to deliver sincere service that will make members of society happy. I would greatly appreciate your continued guidance and support.

Junko Kato
USE Electronics Company Limited


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