Development Department

Inspection Equipment Solar Cell Panels Electronic Materials

Departmental Strategies

The Development Department maintains a broad vision in proceeding with development of products that emphasize customer satisfaction and confidence by quickly providing high quality products that match the needs of our customers. We will be concentrating our efforts in expanding our business operations for energy conservation and environmental protection products, which are expected to see rapidly growing demands in the future. More specifically, we offer solar cell panels, cells for solar cells, wind power generators, lithium-ion battery manufacturing facilities, as well as single and packaged lithium batteries, along with high-luminance LED chips and LED lighting equipment. Our engineers are used to provide setups and maintenance, particularly for machinery, facility and equipment products. We not only offer existing products for sale but are happy to respond promptly to requirements of our customers. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries.

Principal Business Lines

We deal with facility equipment with futuristic foresight and electronic materials. >more


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