USE Advantages

In order to continue as a company that sustains growth at all times.

The Company shall pioneer into markets of various business lines and industries and continue its steady growth based on the foundation comprised by the following four advantages:

Abundant Experience and Long History in Greater China

An advantage of the Company is its experience as a general trading company, accumulated since its founding. We have established the whole series of processes, starting from the representation and contact processing for products to promotion of product standardization.

Support Provided for the Development of Businesses in Taiwan,
then China and Southeast Asia

The Company is pioneering markets in China and Southeast Asia, from our base in Taiwan. Each local area is staffed with locally-recruited personnel and we have been striving to pioneer into markets of Greater China to facilitate the advancement of product brands of our customers in Asia.

Notes on Personnel Training

In order to ensure that our customers can take part in transactions with us, the Company is engaged in sales activities of products with a sense of responsibility. The Company is not engaged in the sales and purchasing of products that it handles but is staffed by specialist engineers at all times to establish an environment setup for the maintenance of products, as well as providing detailed descriptions of products. Information for our suppliers is also captured at all times and our contact and response to our customers are provided rapidly.

Combining the Advantages of Taiwan and Japan

The Company was founded in Taiwan by Japanese and as such, it has been influenced by both Taiwan and Japan. The attention to details of the Japanese and the decision-making ability of the Taiwanese in accurately reading the market are both utilized as the Company continues to pioneer into new markets.


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