Food Product Department

Processed Foods Beverages

Departmental Strategies

The Food Product Department is conducting business in a broad range of areas that encompass the northern, central and southern regions of Taiwan, with the pillars of business operations comprised by the two sales routes for retailers and restaurants.

We not only import and sell commodities demanded by the market, but we also utilize our broad range of sales routes we established and experiences we nurtured over many years of our activities in Taiwan, which are our strengths to take on challenges of new markets with producers and suppliers.

We want to convey the goodness of Japanese cuisine to people of overseas, while promoting pleasure of Japanese foods and in the future, take on activities to penetrate the health and well-being fields where have been an extremely large demands.

Expansion of our business activities to the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong are parts of our vision for the future, as a part of our globalization effort.

Principal Business Lines

Food products, processed foods, health foods and the like from all over Asia. >more


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